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Stress Awareness – 9 ways to minimise your stress levels

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  April is National Stress Awareness month. Stress is a common trigger for many conditions and illnesses.  If you can regulate your stress you will stay healthier for longer.   Stress can manifest itself with a headache, toothache, ingestion or simply muscle tension.  Identifying the cause of your stress can be the best course of action.  Once highlighted, minimise its impact –if left to its own devices it will wear down the natural defence mechanisms in the body and may lead to something more serious.  Be aware of the warning signs and take action promptly.   You certainly cannot control
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sleep matters – national bed month

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Did you know that March is National Bed Month? On average we spend over 2.3k hours in bed every year.  That equates to a third of your life, around 25 years.  In those 25 years, an uncomfortable bed can rob you of an hour’s restorative sleep every…that’s EVERY night!  This can make the difference between a good day and a difficult day.  Think of sleep like a computer reboot – it revitalises and refreshes your mind and body.   The most important thing when looking for a bed is comfort.  It should be soft enough for comfort and firm enough
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