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Eat the Rainbow – your wellbeing will thank you!

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  Many nutritionists now agree that by eating the most colourful plates of natural food can guarantee you are eating the best foods to keep your nutrient levels high.   As children we always were always told to eat our greens but complement this will other brightly coloured fruit and vegetables and you will be well on your way to healthy wellbeing.   Scientists agree that the naturally occurring phytochemicals (which are those that give the fruit and vegetables their bright colours) do help to keep us free from disease.   The antioxidants in these foods protect us against free radicals.  You
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the raw truth

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The Pure Sharon Scott I have recently embarked on a different kind of food regime advocated by a new client, Robyn Randolph co-founder of Pure Healthy Way.  Pure 5:2 incorporates eating a mainly raw diet and intermittent fasting. Robyn recommends eating phytonutrient, raw, unprocessed, enzyme rich food which should result in the perfect weight, renewed health and more vigour.  Sounds great!  In practice this has taken a little forethought.  The key I have found is planning.  Unfortunately this is something we don’t do in our household with regards to food.  I never seem to know who is going to be
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