How to create a wellbeing spa in your own bathroom


Sometimes it is just not possible to take yourself to a spa however much you would love to do it.  Regular spa treatments are a real treat but time and money is precious and often limits what we can do.   Making time will improve your wellbeing.


There are many fabulously luxurious products enabling you to create the perfect environment in the comfort of your own home.   A home spa offers a really affordable way to relax and chill out to recharge your batteries.  Women particularly are becoming so busy; juggling work and home life that taking time out to relax is often not on the agenda.


Just half an hour every week can make so much difference to your general wellbeing.  It will de-stress your mind, relax your body and re-energise your life.


Set the scene – a little preparation will really help.  Turn off your phone.  Fill the bath with hot water and light a scented candle.    You could also put a few drops of essential oil in the water – lavender or eucalyptus will help with relaxation.  If you wish you could include some relaxing music.    Keep warm towels and perhaps a bath robe on the radiator ready for you.  You could apply a face mask before lying in the bath as the steam from the water will help the products penetrate the skin.


Ideally scheduling this activity prior to bed will maximise the effect.  This will also ensure a good night’s sleep.  You should wake the following day feeling totally refreshed and ready to attack the day whatever it may throw at you.


Everyone deserves a little ‘me’ time – go on treat yourself!

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