The surge in Organic products


The Soil Association’s Organic Market Report states that the health and beauty market in the UK rose by 21.6% to over £54m in 2015.  This is expected to continue to grow during 2016.  Consumers are most definitely more savvy when looking for natural and organic products.  The increased awareness of the benefits of natural products has certainly helped push sales.  The Professional Beauty Trade Show now has a specific natural and organic section as this is steadily becoming much more popular.  During 2015 consumers spent a staggering £800,000 a week on natural and organic health and beauty products.    I came across some great brands at this year’s show including Andalou a fruit stem cell range of beauty products, Saaf Organic skincare, Ekia skincare incorporating the sap from the Dragons Blood tree and Sheila’s products an anti-ageing range aimed at menopausal women.

Andalou products


The Soil Association currently has over 200 licensed health and beauty brands.   Many of the large product houses are considering embracing this trend and are thinking carefully about the ingredients they use in their products. The Soil Association symbol guarantees that the products are free from synthetic colours, fragrances and GM ingredients.  It also reassures consumers that the products have been manufactured to a high standard and are not tested on animals.  The company procedures are regularly assessed to maintain sustainability throughout the supply chain.    This also includes the packaging process.


The demand for natural products shows no signs of abating.  An increasing awareness of the effects of the potentially harmful ingredients included in some products is having a marked effect on sales.  The consumer is becoming more concerned with what they are putting into their bodies and onto their skin.


Through the media and due to increased education there is a growing interest in leading a more natural life and those greener products are taking a larger share of the market.  The growth has been driven by demand for formulations that don’t contain the harsh chemicals that have been hitting the headlines.  The plant and pharma-based brands are now starting to achieve more shelf space.    Brands that engage in honest communication with their consumers are starting to encourage trust and loyalty among their customers.


This sector of the market is set to grow over the coming years as more and more is learnt about how chemicals can damage your body.  The rising standard of living coupled with the increased disposable income will encourage market growth.  Brands are spending more on R&D which together with the advances in technology within the processing methods are key elements to ensure the trend will continue.


Look after yourself and spend a little time reading the labels you will be surprised just what your beauty products contain.


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